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All Features.

Unlock Seamless On-Page SEO with Search Console on the Go!


Integrate with Your Preferred SEO Tool in a Snap!

Connect effortlessly with the Google Search Console in just two clicks and jumpstart your tracking journey within minutes. Embrace a hassle-free onboarding experience for swift and effective SEO management.


Comprehensive Page-Level Insights Unleashed!

Explore detailed page-wise metrics including impressions, clicks, CTR, and position – not just for a limited set of keywords, but for all of them! Dive into a wealth of data to make informed decisions and elevate your on-page optimization strategies.


Effortless Data Analysis at Your Fingertips!

Copy and paste the entire dataset into your preferred analysis tool, be it Google Sheets or any other, for in-depth scrutiny and strategic planning. Seamlessly transition from insights to action with our user-friendly clipboard functionality.


ChatGPT Integration for Dynamic Analysis!

Harness the power of ChatGPT directly within the extension. Analyze your entire dataset on the go, leveraging the intelligence of ChatGPT to gain valuable insights and optimize your on-page SEO strategy like never before.

Empower your on-page SEO efforts with Search Console on the Go - where simplicity meets sophistication, and every feature is designed to elevate your SEO game effortlessly!

All Benefits

Revolutionize Your SEO Workflow with Search Console on the Go!

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Discover New Topics Anywhere, Anytime

Uncover fresh and relevant topics effortlessly, on the go! Whether you're commuting or taking a break, our extension empowers you to explore new content ideas seamlessly.

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Optimize Your Strategy in Real-Time

Effortlessly compare changes in clicks, impressions, CTR, and position with our dynamic on-the-go analysis. Identify where you've lost traffic, pinpoint the right keywords, and optimize your content strategy instantly.

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Instant Content Addition

Transform lost traffic insights into valuable content! Utilize ChatGPT to generate engaging content and seamlessly integrate it into your articles while on the move. Enhance your website's relevance and captivate your audience in real-time.

Elevate your SEO game with Search Console on the Go – where innovation meets efficiency, and optimization happens on the fly!

Customers Feedback

I found this extension via a linkedin Post and it has been a game changer since then! Doing SEO is super easy with everything on the go. Donald Salvor || Global Initiative Shubham Kumar Founder - StartupTalky


A list of frequently asked questions to help you to give answer for your questions on your mind.

Utilizing the extension is incredibly time-efficient - it takes less than 2 minutes to kickstart your SEO journey and optimize your content effectively.

Absolutely! The extension is designed to seamlessly integrate with all websites and Content Management Systems (CMS). Whether you have a personal blog or a sophisticated corporate site, Search Console on the Go caters to your SEO needs.

To access the extension, you need to log in using your Google Search Console credentials. We ensure a secure login process to protect your data and maintain confidentiality.

Yes, Search Console on the Go is designed to be compatible with various browsers. Whether you prefer Chrome, Firefox, or others, you can experience the benefits of our extension without compatibility concerns.

While direct exporting isn't available, you have the flexibility to copy and paste your data wherever you need it, whether it's Google Sheets or ChatGPT, for further analysis and insights.

Rest assured, the extension prioritizes your privacy. It runs exclusively in your browser, and we do not store any data beyond your login details. Your information remains secure and confidential.

To ensure optimal performance and feature enhancements, we strive to provide regular updates. These updates aim to keep the extension in sync with the latest SEO practices and technologies.

Currently, the extension operates within the browser where it is installed. If you have the same browser installed on multiple devices, you can access the extension seamlessly across them. However, synchronization across different browsers or devices is not supported at the moment.